Welcome to The Pipe.

The Pipe was originally created by Andy Johnson and is now curated and maintained by me, Dennis Field. The goal for The Pipe is to provide a place where the best self-published books on the topics of design, technology, and business can be discovered and showcased.

To stay true to Andy's original vision, I try to avoid listing any self-published books on The Pipe that feel too spammy, or that give the impression of being filled with only fluff. If the book’s website looks like an 80s infomercial with a shrewd ulterior motive, I usually won’t give it a second look. But if I’ve read a book and recommend it, or have a good reason to trust the author, and the topic is something that catches my attention, I’ll add it to The Pipe.

I’m hoping as The Pipe continues to grow and becomes a useful resource for both readers and authors. If a reader discovers a new book that provides some answers and entertainment, or an author receives some helpful promotion because of this site, then mission accomplished.

About Me

Hi! I’m Dennis Field, I’m a designer, blogger, the co-founder of Greenline Creative and I work at InVision. I'm also working on my own self-published book called The Designer's Handbook. If you have any questions about The Pipe or want to just say hi, the best way to get in touch with me is via Twitter. See you around!