A brief message from The Pipe’s new owner & curator.

A brief message from The Pipe’s new owner & curator.

by on January 1, 2017

Happy New Year! I’m Dennis Field, The Pipe’s new owner & curator. It’s nice to meet you! 

  If you’re reading this, it’s because you’re interested in staying updated on The Pipe and the books that have been added to the The Pipe – and for that, I’m grateful.

  The Pipe was originally created by Andy Johnson. However, late last year Andy asked if I would be willing to take The Pipe over so that he can focus the majority of his time on his other project Harpoon – which is quickly becoming the go-to financial planning tool for freelancers and with it’s growth, it’s been a struggle to maintain both projects.

  I quickly said yes and then the transition began. I couldn’t be more thrilled since I enjoy projects that have a focus on community and brand connection.

  Like Andy, I really believe that The Pipe can become the place where readers can discover amazing self-published books on the topics of design, technology, and business, but I think it can also become a useful platform for the authors to reach new readers, stay inspired and discover new tools & resources to help them sell more books. I can’t wait to build on top of the already great platform Andy has built and work with each of you to evolve it further.

  So what am I asking from you?

  At this point, not a whole lot, but I’d love it if you could do one quick thing:

  Take this 5 question survey to improve The Pipe!

  Thank you in advance! I can’t wait to receive your response and begin to work on the evolving The Pipe based on your feedback!

  Until next time!



  P.S. Do you have a book you’d like to recommend to The Pipe? Share it with me! and while you’re there, check out some of the new books that have been added.